Link Love, Vol. 63

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When Alicia asked in the Jaybird Community on Facebook what our plans were for the weekend, my response was pretty straightforward: hang out with friends, clean/reorganize my apartment, and get some writing in. I’m pleased to report that I can check off all three as “complete!”

Although I didn’t spend as much time with friends as I had thought I would due to some poor planning on my part, the time I did spend with my besties was top notch as usual. I’m in DC for the next few weeks before my next work travel (if you recall, after I came back from Chile and Buenos Aires I was whisked away on a work trip almost immediately) so I’m looking forward to the regular swing of happy hours, brunches and going out with friends.

I’ve also finally managed to clean and reorganize my apartment, which was LONG overdue. Between working all the time in June and my recent set of back to back travels, my apartment had transformed into a mess. I scrubbed, I swept, I mopped, I rearranged, I washed, I [insert adjective here related to housecleaning] and I did it. Now my apartment is looking all nice and presentable again, rather than an unkempt place where things are thrown haphazardly around the place.

As for writing, well, I’m always writing something. :)

Jenn writes on pulling it together, which resonated with me on SO many levels. (Although I don’t think I’m quite at the point of “perfect balance” that she’s at.)

Last week seemed like an epic week in Dealing with Stupidity and Negativity for me, so I appreciated Allie’s five tips on dealing with negative people.

Terra writes about reclaiming herself.

I loved Amanda’s walking tour of downtown Oklahoma City.

Marielle’s post about living life in Hangzhou brought back some memories of the year I spent in Beijing.

One of my friends and I are mapping out some upcoming adventures and Peru’s pretty high on our list. Amy’s pictures of Machu Picchu only fuel my desire to go there!

Kate shares some money saving travel tips for cheap eats.


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    I got a lot of cleaning done too! Well, when I say a lot, I mean more than my usual not much 😛 I tidied up the kitchen because it was driving me crazy, did a bunch of washing and vacuumed the whole house, usually I don’t do that all at once because the stairs are a pain!

    Hope you have a great time while you’re back at home :)

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    I know that I said I would be cleaning too, but I got a little sidetracked with some fun decorating and DIY projects…and then my roommate came home one night early! So now today is my cleaning day because my messy natural state was exposed, haha. I’ve got plenty of writing to do but first, a stop at the farmer’s market!

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